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Length of Service rewards - new zealand

Recognise long serving employees

Retain experienced staff

Reduce staff turnover and reduce recruitment costs

In the current employment marketplace in new zealand it is more important than ever to ensure that valued employees with experience in the fields required by your business are retained on your staff as long as possible. There are a lot of reasons why staff leave a job, but one of the most common reasons for staff churn is that employees do not feel their efforts are being recognised or valued by their employer. Long serving staff accumulate a lot of knowledge about many aspects of a business that is often not well documented, if at all, and with their departure that knowledge can simply disappear.

It is expensive to recruit new staff and they can take a long time to get up to speed in a new job. In todays employment environment in NZ it may be very difficult to find a suitable replacement and compromises may have to be made.

The bottom line is that businesses should take every opportunity to show employees they value their work both through communication and in a tangible way. Many employers are increasingly looking for ways to encourage their employees to relax in their out of work hours although for those with young families this can be difficult, so incorporating some lifestyle rewards into the long service reward range can assist.

Things you need to think about:

Should the awards be tied to length of service or some other factor such as employee birthdays?

Should the award be for a specific gift or will the recipient have some choice?

Does the HR system capture the required infromation?

What value of reward should be used to have an impact and will this increase with length of service?

Do you want to incorporate a public presentation of the awards?

erewards length of service award systems can incorporate:

- a diverse range of rewards at different values to suit the staff demographics

- a range of lifestyle and physical rewards to cater to a broad range of taste and interest

- a tie in to an online reward programme customised to suit the overall business requirement for rewards

- reliable timely delivery of rewards to programme participants

- personal customer service that will support the programme to get the best result possible

Benefits for you:

- staff who feel valued - simple things like recognising employees birthdays or their length of service assist the business to value its staff

- reduced turnover - reduce the knowledge drain and the expenses associated with recruiting and training new staff

- reliable hassle free system - the system design will ensure that a simple, reliable system is implemented


To find out more or get a quote complete the contact form and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements. Feel free to call on 09 6254004 if you would just like to discuss some ideas about how a long service award programme could impact your business.


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