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Performance incentive rewards - new zealand

Target key performance areas .... increase profit

Recognise high performing employees .... motivate staff


Do you want highly motivated employees performing at superior levels in key areas critical to business success?

This is clearly what every business wants as it is ultimately a formula for success. Once KPI's (key performance indicators) have been identified and a system is in place to measure actual performance against those targets, the next step is to add some real power by incentivising performance.

erewards can provide the rewards, technology and experience to make your programme really hum.

Our web based systems provide a reporting format that allows every staff member to see their progress against their KPI targets and the rewards they have gained from reaching target. Staff will have access to a diverse range of rewards through an online catalogue and shopping system that will allow them to "buy" rewards using their reward points.

Our comprehensive performance management system can receive your data electronically (or manually if necessary) provide complete feedback to employees and supply the rewards that will really drive their behaviour.

You can opt for a simple or complex solution - the simple solutions don't need much input from you, they are driven off the performance data supplied at regular intervals. For those who want more control we offer systems that have an administrative interface that allows you to adjust much of the functionality on the fly. We can supply systems that report live data as it becomes available during the day if this is what your business needs.

We recognise that no two businesses are the same so the solution we provide to your business will be customised to meet your specific needs and on launch will be your programme rather than ours.


Things you need to think about...

What performance data is currently available and do all staff have KPI's?

Is the reporting data for the KPI's readily available?

Should the system be introduced with a pilot group first or rolled out through the whole business ?

What value of rewards should be used and will some sort of scale be adopted with increasing performance?

Should the programme have a theme that can add to the appeal and bring a little fun to the work environment?

How frequently will the KPI's change?

What level of administrative control is required on a day to day basis?


erewards incentive driven performance management systems incorporate....

performance reporting systems for individuals and teams that can display results in tables or as graphics

customised programmes designed to meet the needs of every individual business we provide service to

a broad range of lifestyle, travel and physical rewards designed to cater to a broad range of taste and interest so that they will be motivating to all staff and at all levels of earning on the programme

administrative interfaces that allow real time changes to the way programmes operate and reporting systems that keep managers in touch with progress

flexible systems that can be used to support all the reward programme requirements for any business - large or small

reliable timely delivery of rewards to programme participants

personal customer service that will support the programme to get the best result possible


Benefits for you:

Motivated staff - staff who know their key performance targets, their current performance and are incentivised to achieve the rewards that will drive business success

Simple solution - the system provided will be easy to operate and flexible enough to deal with future business requirements

Happy staff - your staff will feel that their efforts are being recognised in a tangible way and will feel more fulfilled in their work as a result

Great results - we have seen some extraordinary results from our incentive programmes, way in excess of what the company thought possible

Programmes and Rewards are available in the main centres - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and throughout New Zealand


To find out more or get a quote complete the contact form and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements. Feel free to call on 09 6254004 if you would just like to discuss some ideas about how a staff performance management system could impact your business.


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