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New Zealand

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Privacy Statement

In the course of our discussions and provision of ongoing business solutions erewards is supplied information relating to businesses we deal with and their clients. This information is often commercially sensitive and is treated as such by our staff. We gather a low level of personal and contact information for participants in loyalty and incentive programmes that is held on our computers and is only used for making contact with participants in programmes where this is a requirement of participation in the programme. We do not collect information for, or sell information to, other organisations.

On occasions where a participant in the programme selects a reward which has a value in excess of the points available, they may elect to pay the balance of cost of the reward using a credit card transaction. In this case the credit card details will be collected on a secure server which encrypts the information before transmitting it to erewards. Any credit card information received by erewards, is used purely for the purpose of completing the transaction and is not stored electronically.

erewards does everything within its power to protect all information gathered by us in the course of operating the reward programmes both online and offline.

In the course of operating the reward programmes, erewards will communicate with programme participants monthly by email with points updates and information on reward specials or other useful information relevant to the particular loyalty or incentive programme.

erewards will also communicate with participants who order rewards to confirm reward availability and expected delivery. We may also communicate with you to determine your satisfaction with the reward and service after delivery.











incentive programme new zealand