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How does an erewards staff incentive program operate?

There are many different answers to this question as our programs are all custom designed to meet the requirements of the client business and the objectives of the programme. Reward programs are primarily web based as this is the most economical way to manage a programme, but we still offer hard copy based programs for some clients whose work environment doesn't lend itself to internet based solutions.

Simple hardcopy reward programs

This type of program is used for some peer nomination incentives and for short term sales incentive programs that don't justify the development of a web based solution.

A hardcopy program is normally promoted using posters and fliers that are distributed to the target audience and there may be mechanisms for reporting or nomination forms supplied as well. These promotional pieces are designed by our in-house graphic designer.

Short term programs usually have stepped reward levels with qualifying criteria and rewards are targetted to the demographic of the target audience in order to achieve maximum motivation.

Rewards are ordered using simple mechanisms either on completion of the program or ongoingly as required, and are delivered to program clients within 2 - 4 days of receipt of order.

This type of program is most successful when the rewards are well matched to the target audience and when the reward value is generous so the rewards are aspirational. Hardcopy reward programs are generally inexpensive to run and cost is mainly related to the rewards offered.

Web-based staff reward programs

Web based staff incentive programs can be simple or sophisticated, the solution depends on what you want to achieve.

At the simplest level, performance results are sent to erewards electronically and uploaded to a programme website where they are displayed for staff in the programme in a table format. Reward points are allocated into an individual account for each staff member and participants can choose rewards from the online reward catalogue.

We have developed some very sophisticated web based solutions for clients that incorporate quite detailed sales and performance reporting to staff and complex graphical displays of results. Some of these are based on live data feeds of performance data that are interpreted by the reward system into complex dynamic graphical displays projected onto the wall in the office so staff get a real view of their progress during the day. Results can be displayed both as individual and team results and changes made to many aspects of the program"on the fly".

At the core of every program is the data that represents the results achieved by the participants in the programme, whether it is a sales incentive or performance based programme.

This data is sent to erewards on a regular basis, commonly through an electronic interface and if at all possible following an electronic extraction process.

The following diagram outlines the core processes used in our web based staff reward programs.

web reward program
reward catalogue

The erewards system receives the data and interprets it into tabular results and graphical displays for staff and teams to review their performance. The results determine the points allocations made. Each participant in the programme is able to log on to the site to see their results and view transactions on their online points account. An extensive reward catalogue is available on the site offering in excess of 1200 rewards and redemptions are made using shopping cart technology.

Regular personalised communications are sent to participants to keep them engaged with the programme and informed about their progress, reward changes, specials, and program changes.

All programs are subject to regular review and modifications made if necessary.

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What is involved in getting a staff reward program for a New Zealand business?

Have a browse through the site to see if what we offer is a match with what you want to achieve with your staff reward program. Use the contact form to provide us with an overview of what you want and so we can contact you for a more detailed discussion. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.

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