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Sales incentive rewards - new zealand

Increase channel sales .... increase profit

Incentivise staff of channel partners .... motivate staff


Is your business reliant on the efforts of channel partner salespeople to increase sales ?

Incentivising sales channel staff with a long term reward programme can have a significant impact on sales volume. Attaching rewards to sales of your products or services that target the salespeople directly can differentiate your product from competitors in the same channel particularly when this is tied into regular promotions and communications.

Our solution for this type of programme would be a branded web based reward programme that requires an individual login for each participant. Typically we set up an electronic interface to receive regular sales information (daily, weekly or monthly)and points allocations for each programme participant. This data can be summary data or detailed to an individual sale level.

Programme participants can track their sales online, and redeem their points for rewards immediately or leave them to accumulate

Rewards are delivered promptly and a well targeted programme will see impressive results very quickly.

Email or hardcopy statements are distributed to participants monthly or more frequently if required along with promotional material about the programme to keep participants informed and the rewards available top of mind.

If required the sales rewards can be partnered with training rewards that will increase sales person product knowledge to further support the sales process.


Things you need to think about...

Is sales data available or can it be obtained to the salesperson level without direct reporting through the partner channel ?

Could this information be captured in conjunction with an end user product registration process that also captures end user data ?

Is this incentive programme applicable to all sales channels or just selected channels ?

What value of rewards should be used and will some sort of scale be adopted with increasing performance?

Should the reward programme have a theme that can add to the appeal and bring a little fun to the work environment?


erewards sales reward programmes incorporate....

reporting of detailed sales data to individual salespeople

customised programmes designed to meet the needs of every individual business we provide service to

over 1500 rewards designed to cater to a broad range of taste and interest so that they will be motivating to the full diversity of people found in the partner channel

regular update of contact data for reward programme participants

regular communications to keep your products and the rewards available top of mind for channel partner sales people

reliable timely delivery of rewards to programme participants

personal customer service that will support the programme to get the best result possible


Benefits for you:

Generate sales - this type of programme has proven over many years to be very effective at rapidly growing sales

Simple solution - the system provided will be easy to operate and flexible enough to deal with future business requirements

Motivated partner sales staff - your channel partners staff will feel that their efforts are being recognised in a tangible way and will feel more fulfilled in their work as a result

Motivated channel partners - we have seen some extraordinary results from our incentive programmes, way in excess of what the sponsoring company thought possible

Programmes and Rewards are available in the main centres - Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand


To find out more or get a quote complete the contact form and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements. Feel free to call on 09 6254004 if you would just like to discuss some ideas about how a channel partner sales incentive programme could improve your sales volume.


incentive programme new zealand